SDPEBA is here for More than Just OE

After Open Enrollment, SDPEBA doesn't just go into hibernation mode! In fact, we’re doing a lot every day to help you maintain and access your benefits!  

Our mission as benefit administrators is not just to make sure our members have access to cost effective insurance options, but also to make sure our members are able to access those plans!  

Let’s be honest, insurance is confusing! In order to combat that SDPEBA maintains a support network to manage this. The support network is broken into two sections: education, (that’s stuff like our our blog/newsletter and our PEBA Talks) and direct member support, (that’s our phone line [888-315-8027], our email address [email protected]).  

We’ve intentionally designed these two parts of our support network to be accessible, educational, and… to be frank, not as boring as other insurance options. We pride ourselves on our speedy response times, our humorous articles, and our ability to just get to the point! We do this because we respect your time and also just want to make this stuff as painless for you as possible!  

Ultimately, SDPEBA is a lot more than open enrollment. We do our best to offer our members more than just affordable insurance! So, if you need anything, don’t hesitate to reach out! 


Thank you for reading! 

-Your SDPEBA Team 


Here are some helpful links/info: 

Our Blog:

Our Podcast (PEBA Talks):

Our Phone Number (M-TH 9-5pm, Fri 10-5pm): 888-315-8027 

Our Email address: [email protected] 

Our Aflac Claims Email: [email protected]