OE 2023: Plan Rates and Changes 

OE 2023: Plan Rates and Changes 

Every year we negotiate with your benefit providers to fight for rate stability and to enhance your benefits whenever possible. These negotiations often take quite some time and involve a lot of revisions between us and your providers.  

After a lengthy negotiation process, this year the changes are as follows: 


Enhancement - The Critical Illness plan is now guaranteed issue for all employees and their spouses up to $30,000 in coverage regardless of pre-existing conditions. You can also elect up to $50,000 in coverage by simply answering a few medical questions. 


No plan/rate changes. 

Best Health 

No plan changes, Best Health is still available to all City Employees, free of cost. 

Ethos Life Insurance 

This plan is individualized. 

Individual Life Insurance 

This plan is individualized. 

MetLife Dental 

The MetLife PPO plan has a 4% rate increase.  

MetLife Legal 

New Plan - We’ve added the “MetLife Legal - Plus Parents" plan, this plan allows your parents to use your legal plan. Some restrictions apply. Wills/Codicils are available. This is a feature our members have been requesting. 

Nationwide Pet 

This plan is individualized.  

Purchasing Power 

No plan/rate changes.  


Active Employees – All Sharp plans have seen a 5.1% rate increase.  

Retired Members – Non-Medicare plans have a 5.1% rate increase, the Medicare Advantage plan has a 0% increase.  

Enhancement [Medicare Advantage only] - Hearing aid coverage has changed from $1,000 every 36 months to $3,500 every 36 months.  

Enhancement [Medicare Advantage only] - The vision plan that is a part of Sharp Medicare Advantage has had the following changes: eye exam copay was $20, now is $0; frames/contact allowance was $130, now is $400. This should make getting glasses cheaper and open up your options. 

Enhancement [Medicare Advantage only] - There is now a $100 allowance for over-the-counter medicine. This is a new benefit, and the details are still being worked out. We will have more information for you before January 1st. 


This plan is individualized. 


No plan/rate changes. 


If you have questions about these plan changes please contact SDPEBA by emailing [email protected] or by calling 888-315-8027. You can also head to your OE Landing page listed here: 

City - https//go.sdpeba.org/CityOE 

County - https://go.sdpeba.org/CountyOE 

Retirees - https://go.sdpeba.org/RetireeOE