Aflac: The Importance of Hospital and Life Insurance

Aflac: The Importance of Hospital and Life Insurance

SDPEBA’s sponsored Aflac plans are unique because they’re all designed to cover different health emergencies. The accident plan covers sudden injuries: like a broken arm or a sports injury; the critical illness plan covers a sudden life changing diagnosis: like cancer or a stroke; the hospital plan covers you in case you need surgery or are admitted for any other reason; and the life insurance plan covers your family in case something happens to you.  

If you’re looking to expand your coverage or are looking to provide financial support to your family should something happen, the Hospital and Life Insurance plans are great at making sure you and your family are covered should something happen.  

What is the Hospital Plan?

The Aflac Hospital Plan pays you when you’re admitted into the hospital and will pay you if you end up confined in the hospital. The plan also pays you just visiting the doctor, going to the chiropractor, or getting a major diagnostic exam, such as a CT scan. There are even additional payouts for getting surgery, mammograms, and going to the emergency room.  

When you get the Hospital Plan you can choose either the high or low plan. The high plan costs more per pay period but pays you more when you experience a covered event. Check out the plan’s brochure linked here to see the differences.  

One of the most overlooked parts of the hospital plan is all the payouts you can receive just by doing what you normally do! For example, you can get six $50 ($25 if you have the low plan) payouts just for going to the doctors. The hospital plan also offers up to five $20 payouts for prescriptions and $100 if you get a mammogram. Meaning you can get $400-$500 by just going to the doctors!  

What is the Aflac Life Insurance Plan?

You probably already have a life insurance plan through work, but did you know you can have more than one policy? The plans that the City enrolls you in usually pay around 150% of your salary. By signing up for Aflac’s Life Insurance plan you can easily add another $100,000 onto your plan without having to do that much work! The Aflac Life Insurance plan is customizable and offers up to $300,000 in coverage. Additionally, you can get this plan for your spouse or children!  

One of the best parts about the Aflac Life Insurance plan is that it is price locked. That means no matter what you will always be paying the same amount for life insurance year after year. That goes for your kids and spouse too!  

We actually offer three different routes to get Life Insurance. We recommend you check out this article we wrote for more information! 


If you have any questions about these plans, please give us a call at 888-315-8027 or email [email protected]. We’ll be happy to help!