Walkthrough of New Identity Guard Features

This last May, Identity Guard updated their plan to include “cyber wellness.” This new component to Identity Guard’s already comprehensive package is designed to prevent cybercrimes before they even begin, and includes things like: anti-virus software, spam-call filtering, and more! You can even give this plan (for free) to up to 8 family members.  

How do I access these new Features? 

Using these features is actually quite simple! All you need to do is sign into the Identity Guard app at this link: https://app.identityguard.com/sign-in and then head to your dashboard.

Safe Browsing - From your dashboard click “safe browsing,” and from there you can install Identity Guard’s safe browsing extension! 

Device Secure - By clicking Device Secure you’ll be taken to a page where you can download Identity Guard’s “Device Secure” anti-virus software. Once you have downloaded it, the software should open on its own. 

From here you can scan your computer, change your settings, and enable different features, such as Game Mode or Wifi Security. The features are pretty straightforward! We recommend you look around at the settings to see what is available to you!

Note: If you already have an anti-virus software, this service might not be necessary for you. That being said, the “WiFi Security Feature” is a VPN, which are extremely useful if you’re ever using public WiFi (such as at a coffee shop or an airport). Since this app is free with Identity Guard Premium, it is up to you how much you use it! 

Robo-Call and Robo-Text Prevention – When you sign up and enter your phone number, your information is automatically added into Identity Guard’s data scrubbing AI that removes your information from online call registries! You can double check that you have all your information up to date by mousing over privacy and clicking “privacy secure.” 

Add Family Members – If you have the family plan, from the dashboard you can click “Add a Family Member” on the right side of your screen. From there, you’ll be asked to fill in some basic information about them. Don’t worry, you won’t need their social security number just their name and email address! By signing them up they’ll be emailed a link to join your account. You won’t have access to their information (and they won’t be able to see yours), but you will be able to see if they have successfully set up their account! Remember, you can have up to 8 family members or roommates on your plan for free!