Rewards for Living Healthy with Best Health

It is a true shame that there are no immediate rewards for living healthy. There are clear long-term benefits, but nothing instantly gratifying (short of positive endorphins, relieving stress, and clearing your mind). If only there were incentives to live healthy and to make positive life choices… oh wait! There are! 

Best Health offers their Wellness Incentive Program to all SDPEBA members, allowing you to earn gift cards and donate money to charity all for just living healthy. 

How it Works 

Best Health offers points to SDPEBA members who sign up via the Best Health mobile app or at and participate in healthy activities. These activities are customizable and chosen by you—they range from coaching sessions, to seminars, to just eating healthy!  

As you finish activities you gain points, these points can then be put towards raffles, gift cards, or even charity, all through the Best Health site or app.  

Why should I tie my Personal Health to Digital Numbers? 

That’s a very astute question, one that I think requires a longer conversation about society as a whole, but before we start talking about applied metapsychology, let’s talk about positive reinforcement. 

Rewards encourage behavior. Even if you don’t care about the raffle—the concept of having a statistic to back up your effort will keep you motivated and give you a tangible representation of your progress. This is how habits can be developed, and these habits snowball into lifestyles, and that’s great when the lifestyle is healthy (and comes with a $200 visa gift card).  

Ways to Earn Points 

Best Health is constantly being updated. More and more experiences are being added to the program regularly, meaning the ways to earn points are expanding as well. Below is a table featuring the different ways you can earn rewards: 

These points are then put directly into the raffles listed below. 

Notice the wording here, every 50 points = 1 entry. Meaning, if you just take the assessment quiz and read a few articles, you could have 3-5 entries into a monthly drawing where 15 people win. And your entries carry month to month! Meaning, even if you don’t win, your entries stay for the entire year.  

Additionally, if you complete every task (which is very doable), you can earn up to 1,650 points a year. That’s 33 entries into the monthly raffle, 16 to the $100 raffle, and 8 to the $200 raffle—which gives you pretty good odds! 


Yes, of course, there are some restrictions. While you’re only limited by the total points, you can only win twice a benefit year per raffle (August-July). So, don’t assume you’re going to clean shop! Still, for something that doesn’t take too much time at all, that’s a pretty good deal.  

Other Benefits of Using Best Health 

These incentives are just the tip of the iceberg. Best Health offers trackers, seminars, discounts, and other extremely helpful tools to help you develop your healthy lifestyle.  

Best Health even offers you a daily to-do-list that can help you break the complexities of healthy living down into achievable and manageable goals. These programs all interact with one another too and stem from your wellness assessment, your trackers, and your health coaching sessions.  

Ultimately, Best Health gives you the tools to live healthy and then rewards you for it. Their comprehensive program is designed to fit seamlessly into your life and help you develop healthier living—and best part, its all free.  

Well. The best part is probably the physical and mental health benefits. But you can’t discount free!