Everything you Want to Know about Purchasing Power

Purchasing Power is a program offered to all SDPEBA members and allows you to get what you need when it matters most. The program, which has no credit checks or hidden fees, allows you to use your paycheck to buy appliances, electronics, and even furniture taken directly from your paycheck with no interest. 

What does it do? 

Purchasing Power is essentially a catalogue that allows you to use your paycheck to make purchases. The website also features buying guides that explain different products, in-depth customer support, and brutally honest product descriptions. Ultimately, Purchasing Power gives you the means to make the right choice when it comes to products. 

How does it work? 

Purchasing power allows you to make fixed, easy payments toward products allowing you to budget appropriately even when making big purchases. 

The program is comparable to layaway or a credit card, but without the drawbacks. With layaway, you make monthly payments, but don’t receive the product until you’ve paid in full, Purchasing Power gives you the product as soon as you start making payments. Credit cards often require passing a credit check and have varying interest rates, Purchasing Power does not require a credit check and always has a fixed rate, no matter the price or timeline.

That isn’t to say Purchasing Power is a better way to buy something. Products within the Purchasing Power catalogue are more expensive. You just pay over a time period rather than all at once. Essentially this is a tool to use if you’re short on cash or want a more defined budget despite making big purchases. 

We also put together a short video going over Purchasing Power in more detail, check it out here: 


How do you use it? 

Using Purchasing Power is simple, once you’re enrolled all you need to do is go to their website and shop for products! The catalogue is quite expansive, so we suggest you use the filtering tools to break down what you’re looking for.  

We put together a PEBA Talk that goes over how to use Purchasing Power, check it out here: 


How much is it? 

Purchasing Power is free! Any SDPEBA member can use it after they make an account. Just remember that things on the website cost more. And while there is no interest or rate changes once you make your purchase, it’s virtually always cheaper to purchase these products directly from a retailer.   

How do you enroll? 

Enrollment is extremely simple! Simply head to http://www.sdpeba.purchasingpower.com  and sign up. Follow the enrollment procedures from there. Once you’re logged in, there are no credit checks required and you’ll be able to shop the brands you love and make the right choices for you.  

In order to enroll you must: 

-Be 18 years or older 

-Earn at least $16,000 per year 

-Be an active San Diego City/County Employee (at least ½ time) 

-Have a bank account/credit card on file 

-Be a good standing member of one of SDPEBA’s participating associations  

You can call (888)-315-8027 to check your eligibility 


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