Everything you need to know about VSP

Getting your vision prescription filled is always a hassle. You need to get your exam, try on dozens of pairs of glasses, hope they’re covered by your insurance, and then go through the lengthy process of ordering and waiting. On top of that, there’s often dozens of limitations based on frame brand, your lens needs, and so much more.  

Which is why SDPEBA partnered with VSP to provide our members with a two-pair vision insurance plan that provides policy holders with more options in more places.  

What’s Covered 

VSP offers you copay for standard vision exams, a wide-array of discounts for lenses, and a frame/contact allowance that you can put toward two pairs of glasses. VSP also offers coverage for lens enhancements, such as bifocals, progressive, scratch-resistant coating, and more.  

You can also put your VSP allowance toward contacts, sunglasses, and other specialty lenses (blue-light filtering glasses or UV coated lenses).  

How does it Work?  

Through VSP, you’ll have coverage for your standard eye exam (and coverage/discounts on other vision related tests). You’ll simply need to provide your insurance information at your provider and they’ll get it sorted. If you have any difficulty with this, you can contact us by emailing [email protected] or calling 888-315-8027.  

Once you have your prescription, you have two separate $150 allowances to put toward in-network frames or contacts. This allowance is completely separate from lens enhancements/specialty lenses which have their own coverage (some are fully covered). You can essentially view it as getting $150 off any pair of glasses or set of contacts along with around a 20% discount for common lens enhancements.  

As a note you can see an out-of-network provider! You’ll have to file a claim with VSP and you’ll be reimbursed a smaller portion of your bill.  

How do you Use it? 

We recommend you utilize VSP’s website to search for doctors and retailers. Their site will give you a preview of what frames your optometrist carries and information about that doctor. Just remember, you don’t necessarily have to buy glasses where you get your exam. VSP allows you to go to plenty of retailers, such as Costco, Walmart, and VSP’s online store, Eyeconic. But you’ll need a recent eye exam before you can head to these locations (places like Costco and Walmart offer vision exams, but they’re not always in network, we recommend you call ahead and ask if you’re unsure).   

How to Book an Eye Exam with VSP 

  1. Go to www.vsp.com  
  2. Under “Find a VSP Doctor” enter your zip code and click “Search.”  
  3. The next screen will provide you with a list of providers and the ability to refine your search. SDPEBA is on the Choice Network. 

Purchase Glasses/Contacts 

You can get glasses or contacts by going to a local in-network retailer or by seeing a local in-network optometrist. You can find local optometrists and check if a retailer is in network on VSP’s website or by contacting the store you plan on going to. 

How much is it? 

Employee - $8.54 

Employee & Spouse/Dependent - $15 

Employee & Children - $15 

Family - $24.69 

Note: These rates are for the Summer 2022 Enrollment Period.  

How do you Enroll? 

Enrolling in VSP is simple, for all non-MEA members just call us at 888-315-8027 during Open Enrollment! If you’re a member of MEA, you’ll be able to enroll just by going through SAP! 


Have more questions? We’re happy to help. Email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 888-315-8027. You can also check out these videos we’ve recently posted!