Everything you need to Know about MetLife Legal

Everything you need to Know about MetLife Legal

50% of all adults in the United States face some kind of legal problem every year. These can be ongoing issues pertaining to personal or business problems or sudden ones like traffic tickets or being accused of breaking a contract. Dealing with these issues is time-consuming, stressful, and expensive. 

That’s where MetLife Legal comes in, by signing up for a legal plan through SDPEBA, you’re one phone call away from a licensed attorney who can help you with all sorts of legal matters. Whether you’re just looking to write a will and trust, need another set of eyes on a contract, or need representation in court, MetLife Legal has you covered.  

The legal plan is relatively straightforward and covers a wide variety of legal services. Civil defense, personal injury, and civil litigation services all have coverage under the MetLife Legal plan. Essentially, should you need representation, MetLife will provide it. But that’s not all MetLife Legal covers, there’s also Real Estate law services, Family law services (think adoption, conservatorships, divorces, and name changes), and general document preparation (power of attorney, wills, trusts, etc.). 

MetLife even offers a legal hotline that you can call for a free consultation! There are dozens of individualized services and restrictions contained within this plan, if you’d like to read about them, click here

How much is it and who’s covered? 

MetLife legal costs $10.80 per pay period. The plan also automatically covers your eligible dependents. There are some restrictions concerning the use of MetLife legal in family cases against a spouse/dependent, please check the plan’s coverage for any restrictions/concerns.  

How do you use it? 

Once you’re enrolled and your plan has started, you’ll be able to start using the dozens of legal services MetLife offers.  

MetLife Legal recommends you go through their site: www.members.legalplans.com in order to quickly access all the tools at your disposal. From this site, you can work on estate planning, get a case number, find an attorney, and more.  

If you’re having any trouble accessing your plan online or if you’d rather work over the phone, you can call in at 1-800-821-6400. From there you’ll be able to get a list of covered in-network attorneys and a case number. 

In order to start talking directly with an attorney, you’ll need to get a case number and then contact that attorney directly, and from there, it's in your hands!  

If you’re looking to use your own attorney, you can, they just might be out-of-network. If that’s the case, MetLife will reimburse you some of the legal fees, but you most likely will pay some out-of-pocket costs. 

How do you enroll? 

Enrollment is only available during OE and is done over the phone; you can reach us at 888-315-8027.  

If you’d like additional information check out our MetLife Legal page or send us an email: [email protected].  

More on What’s Covered 

Below is a list containing all of the types of legal services MetLife Legal will help you with. This is less an explanation of benefits, and more of a list of what their attorneys can do for you.  

Money Matters

Debt Collection Defense

Identity Management Services

Identity Theft Defense

Negotiations with Creditors

Personal Bankruptcy

Promissory Notes

Tax Audit Representation

Tax Collection Defense

Home and Real Estate

Boundary/Title Disputes


Eviction Defense


Home Equity Loans


Property Tax Assessments

Refinancing of Home

Sale or Purchase of Home

Security Deposit Assistance

Tenant Negotiations

Zoning Applications

Estate Planning


Complex Wills

Healthcare Proxies

Living Wills

Powers of Attorney (Healthcare, Financial, Childcare, Immigration)

Revocable & Irrevocable Trusts

Simple Wills

Family & Personal




Demand Letters

Divorce (20 hours)

Garnishment Defense


Immigration Assistance

Juvenile Court Defense,

Including Criminal Matters

Name Change

Parental Responsibility


Personal Property Protection

Prenuptial Agreement

Protection from Domestic Violence

Review of ANY Personal Legal Document

School Hearings

Civil Lawsuits

Administrative Hearings

Civil Litigation Defense

Disputes Over Consumer Goods & Services

Incompetency Defense

Pet Liabilities

Small Claims Assistance


Consultation & Document Review for your parents’ Deeds/Leases




Nursing Home Agreements

Powers of Attorney

Prescription Plans


Vehicle and Driving

Defense of Traffic Tickets

Driving Privileges Restoration

License Suspension Due to DUI


This list was taken from MetLife Legal Plan’s 2021 Product Overview Page linked here.