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Pets can get sick too and it's a lot harder to know that something is going wrong, but you can be prepared when it does. Though you can’t predict when something will happen, you can be prepared when it does with pet insurance from Nationwide.

We offer affordable, comprehensive plans that you can use with any veterinarian, anywhere. Coverage is available for accidents, illnesses and preventive care.

Special discounts available
You’re eligible for a discount when you enroll through SDPEBA. Save even more when you enroll multiple pets:

  • 1 pet = 5% discount on base medical or wellness plan
  • 2–3 pets = 10% discount on base medical or wellness plan for each pet
  • 4+ pets = 15% discount on base medical or wellness plan for each pet

Why Nationwide?
In the Nation, what’s precious to you is precious to us. That’s why more pet owners trust us over any other insurer to protect their pets. Nationwide offers the highest overall payouts, the lowest average premiums, and gives you the ability to see any vet.

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